Project highlights


Second citizen consultation


The results of the validation and prioritisation of the expert recommendations by the CIVISTI citizen panels can be found here.




Project highlights


Policy workshop 





Welcome to the CIVISTI website


The CIVISTI project is a European research foresight project funded by the Socio-economic, Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Programme. The aim of the project was to identify new, emerging topics for the EU R&D policy by consulting citizens in 7 European countries (Denmark, Austria, Flanders/Belgium, Finland, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary). The CIVISTI project uncovered European citizens' visions of the future and transformed these into relevant long-term science, technology and innovation issues.



The methodology and results of CIVISTI, together with some outside reflections on the CIVISTI concept, were presented on a policy workshop in January 2011. The presentations of the workshop and the programme outline can be found here.